About Us

Established five years ago and located in Oak Park, IL, the Taste of Brasil Café is a family owned and operated restaurant serving the surrounding community with unique and authentic flavors of Brazil.

During the first two years of operation, in the mist of understanding and grasping the concept of operating a small business, the Tase of Brasil served customers with malagueta peppers simply marinated in its juice, but Chef Cris found that many people seemed to be hesitant to bite into the pepper itself. For a while, Chef Cris found herself throwing many of the peppers away, once the juice was consumed. Instead of continuing to waste the distinctive peppers, Chef Cris decided to rescue them and make another one of her dreams come true.

With a firmer understanding of running a small business and the aspects behind, Chef Cris decided to follow her intuition and inspiration further and develop a delicious sauce to pair with her homemade creations from the malagueta peppers. Chef Cris wanted to create a sauce that customers would genuinely enjoy and want to take home to their own kitchens and from this idea, I’mHOTsauce was born.

From the method of crafting the sauce to the application of the labels, the entire process of I’mHOTsauce is done by hand. Chef Cris personally makes batches of I’mHOTsauce every week, bottling the sauce in her restauruant and assuring customers with 100% freshness.

I’mHOTsauce is currently available for purchase at the Taste of Brasil Café but will soon be available on our website along with our exclusive recipes to bring the Taste of Brasil right to your home.

We hope to make I’mHOTsauce available to our community soon by partnering with local businesses that would be interested in carrying our fantastic sauce in their store. Until then, we encourage you to visit the Taste of Brasil Café and enjoy the delicious flavors whipped up in Chef Cris kitchen topped with the famous I’mHOTsauce.